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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Veterans Affairs PA Association (VAPAA)?

VAPAA is a professional medical organization and is the official organization of Physician Assistants/Associates employed by the Dept. of Veterans Affairs (VA). VAPAA is a non-profit organization (501c6) incorporated in Texas and is a constituent organization of the American Academy of PAs. VAPAA is similar to other VA medical organizations like the National Association of Veteran Affairs Physicians and Dentists (NAVAPD) and the Nurse Organization of VA (NOVA). 

What are some things that VAPAA CAN Do? 

VAPAA can and does advocate for matters that are important to all VA PAs as a whole, such as dual posting of jobs for PA/NPs, full practice authority, increasing PA residency spots, CME funding and VA scholarships for aspiring future VA PAs.  

What are some things that VAPAA CANNOT do?

VAPAA cannot interfere with any personal or facility-specific VA matters, such as hiring, disciplinary actions, or pay issues.  If you have an individual or facility-specific PA issue, we encourage you to speak with your supervisor, your facility's Lead PA and/or the American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE).

Is VAPAA a union?

No. While VAPAA has an Advocacy Committee, it is not a union. AFGE is the union for PAs working at the VA. 

How does VAPAA have influence over nation-wide concerns of PAs in the VA?

VAPAA's Advocacy Committee communicates with members of Congress, AFGE and Veteran Service Organizations to help them understand and support the needs of PAs in the VA to be able to provide Veterans with access to timely world-class care. 

What are some of the important and PA-specific issues that VAPAA advocates for?

*Full Practice Authority to ensure PAs have the ability to work to the highest level of their education, training and skill set.

*Ability for PAs to engage in education/training for professional growth through CME funding.

*Dual Job Posting for PAs/NPs within the VA to ensure a robust pool of top-qualified clinicians to choose from and ensure the workforce size is sufficient to treat the growing number of Veterans that need care.

*PAs to receive Education Debt Reduction Program (EDRP), the VA's student loan repayment program. 

*Scholarships for PA students who aspire to work in the VA.

*PAs to be included in all respective legislation, including mental health policy and laws, which PAs are frequently left out of.

*PA leadership positions within VA and VHA.

*Competitive Pay for all PAs in the VA system.

*Recruitment and retention incentives extended to all PAs in the VA.

Why should I join VAPAA?

*To have a voice now and for the future of PAs in the VA Healthcare System.

*To belong to a larger group of VA professionals that support the advancement of PAs in the VA system to ensure the growing needs

of our nation's heroes is met. 

*To get involved on a VAPAA committee.

*To be able to vote for the board members of this organization. 

*To become a board member.

*To receive newsletters with the latest important information.

*To receive discounts on VAPAA's CME conferences.

Veterans Affairs PA Association 

PO Box 4968

Lago Vista, TX 78645


VAPAA is a 501c(6) non-profit organization

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