VAAPA Board of Directors comprises the officers listed below and six

Directors-At Large. The board is elected by VAPAA members with voting privileges.

Officers include:


Vice President

Immediate Past President



Frequency of Elections:

Elections are held in odd years for the President, Treasurer and three Director at Large seats. 

In even years, elections are held for the Vice President, Secretary and three Director at Large seats.

Eligibility for Office:

A member wishing to be elected to the board must be an active Fellow member or Lifetime Fellow member. 

AAPA membership is required for Fellow membership and therefore for eligibility for office.

Eligibility to Vote:

Eligibility to vote is associated with membership level.

Fellows, Lifetime Fellows, Associates and Retired PA members have voting privileges.

Contact VAPAA: Leadership@vapaa.org

Veterans Affairs Physician Assistant Association 

13423 Blanco Rd

Unit #3057 

San Antonio, TX 78216

VAPAA is a 501c(6) non-profit organization

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