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Thank you to all VAPAA members who participated in this year’s elections and made their voices heard.

We are pleased to introduce the newly elected VAPAA board members:

  • Vice President: Amy Allen, PA-C, EdD, DFAAPA
  • Director-at-Large: Laura Lawrence, MPAS, PA-C
  • Director-at-Large: Thomas Fletcher, PA-C
  • Director-at-Large: Ishtyaq Qadri, MPAS, PA-C

Given PA Allen's newly elected position as Vice President, she has decided to step down as Secretary. VAPAA would like to thank PA Allen for all of her hard work over the past year, serving diligently as Secretary while also acting as VP. We are excited to have her continue to contribute to VAPAA in her new role as Vice President.

With the Secretary position now open, current VAPAA Director-at-Large, Gina Franco, DMSc, MSPAS, PA-C, has graciously agreed to serve as acting Secretary from June 2024 to June 2025. PA Franco will also continue serving as Director-at-Large, with her term ending in June 2025. Thank you, PA Franco, for taking on this additional responsibility!

Congratulations to each of our newly elected and reelected board members and officers! 

The VAAPA Board of Directors comprises the Officers and the Directors-at-Large.
The board is elected by VAPAA members with voting privileges.


President term: 2 years

Vice President term: 2 years

Immediate Past President term: 2 years

Treasurer term: 2 years

Secretary term: 2 years


Directors-at-Large (6 seats) term: 2 years

Frequency of Elections:

Typically, elections are held in odd years for the President, Treasurer and three director-at-large seats and in even years

for the Vice President, Secretary and three director-at-large seats, but this sometimes can vary, i.e., if there is a vacancy or a person runs and is elected to a different board position before completing the term of their previous position.

The term for each officer is listed above. 

Eligibility for Office:

A member wishing to be elected to the board must be an active fellow member or life fellow member, which require

AAPA membership.

Eligibility to Vote:

Eligibility to vote is associated with membership level.

Fellow, Life, & Associate members have voting privileges.

Veterans Affairs PA Association 

PO Box 4968

Lago Vista, TX 78645

VAPAA is a 501c(6) non-profit organization

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