The VAAPA Board of Directors comprises the Officers and the Directors-at-Large.

 The board is elected by VAPAA members with voting privileges.


President                                  term:  2 years

Vice President                          term: 2 years

Immediate Past President     term: 2 years

Treasurer                                  term: 2 years

Secretary                                  term: 2 years


Directors-at-Large (6 seats)   term: 2 years

Frequency of Elections:

Typically, elections are held in odd years for the President, Treasurer and three director-at-large seats and in even years

for the Vice President, Secretary and three director-at-large seats, but this sometimes can vary, i.e., if there is a vacancy or a person runs and is elected to a different board position before completing the term of their previous position.

The term for each officer is listed above. 

Eligibility for Office:

A member wishing to be elected to the board must be an active fellow member or life fellow member, which require  

AAPA membership.

Eligibility to Vote:

Eligibility to vote is associated with membership level.

Fellow, Life, & Associate members have voting privileges.

Next board election will be held in May 2024

Veterans Affairs PA Association 

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Lago Vista, TX 78645


Email us: leadership@vapaa.org

VAPAA is a 501c(6) non-profit organization

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